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A Manifest for the Interspace

(…) Interspace is the biotope of the human being. It is the prerequisite for people to feel, think, and act constructively. It is the result of the cultivation of mankind, and proof of everyone's personal cultural evolution. It deserves respect and regard. Interspace is as inviolable as the dignity of man.

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The Holy Daimon Online Project - now live.

Today the Holy Daimon Online Project is opening its doors for curious visitors, avid readers and engaged practitioners. Over the last ten months, with the help of several amazing people, some wonderful institutions and no insignificant private funding, we have worked hard to offer you completely free access to the current stock of material.

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Venomous Words | an Afternoon Tea in London

When writing non-fiction, hiding behind smoke and mirrors of arcane language is never good style, but just another version of the Emperor's New Clothes. Magic will dwell in your words, when you have sentences to say that can be read and understood on multiple levels - not by replacing an 'i' with a 'y' or trying to imitate the powerful and yet complex language of one Daniel Schulke.

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A new offer - free eBooks on

Over the last few years I repeatedly received feedback from readers that it can be hard to work through all the material on online, i.e. when sitting in front of your computer. It took me a little bit of time to figure out how to overcome this - without additional financial costs and in a way that's also fun for me. I am happy to share today that I am now offering and will be slowly expanding a new section on free eBooks for public download.

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The Aggression Cycle - or what to expect to find in the wild...

I am conscious The Aggression Cycle doesn't take the typical approach of introducing a new model to our magical practice. Stealing from Gestalt Psychology - a specific type of psychotherapy many magicians and even psychologists mistrust for various reasons - and applying the insights found to ritual magical practice might just push the boundaries a little too much. Well, I am not sure it does.

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Now Online: The Everyday Path to your Holy Guardian Angel

Let's dig into the obvious question first: who am I to tell you how to achieve knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel? Certainly I am not living in a desert like good old Abramelin did and hopefully you haven't searched for a wise teacher for years like Abraham of Worms once did. I am no teacher and you are no student - at least not more than we all are on our individual journeys.

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FREE - A Course in Dream Magic - in three parts

I once heard someone saying: 'Consciousness is the key to magic.' I guess that's pretty true but also pretty general. If we try to be a bit more concise we will need to admit: Consciousness is not the key but a heavy bunch of keys - just as large as the old prison guard would carry it in an aged black and white movie. And magic isn't a single door either, but a realm as vast and deep as the dark prison the old guard is warding with its hundreds of doors all quietly waiting locked behind thick steel.

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