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Over the last few years I repeatedly received feedback from readers that it can be hard to work through all the material on myoccultcircle.com online, i.e. when sitting in front of your computer. It took me a little bit of time to figure out how to overcome this - without additional financial costs and in a way that's also fun for me. I am happy to share today that I am now offering and will be slowly expanding a new section on free eBooks for public download.

As a start you can find the entire content of 'The Everyday Path to your Holy Guardian Angel' compiled into one iBook or PDF - depending on your reading preferences. It is also still available online in the 'Circle of Practice' section of course.

Also available on the same page now is the eBook 'A Study on the Holy Guardian Angel'. Besides a general introduction it presents a historic study on the origins of the concept of the HGA amongst the Chaldeans, Zoroastrians and Ancient Greeks.

Over time I'll be looking at other material on myoccultcircle.com, e.g. a collection of blogs on magical models or the 'Course in Dream Magic' and will build them into stand-alone eBooks as well. 

I hope this will make exploring existing content easier and simply more fun. Should you have any feedback, suggestions or thoughts - please let me know.   

With this - below is the Introduction I put up on the new eBooks page and the link to go there directly is right here


Despite its long tradition - in ritual, visionary or shamanic styles - magic today still is an emerging discipline in the West. Mainly this is due to the influence of Christianity and the traumatic interruption and marginalization it caused over the last two millenials to once healthy streams of occult traditions. So many things we once knew need to be rediscovered today, pieced together from the broken bones and burned pages the 'religion of charity' left behind. Yet, even the magical traditions of our ancestors were never pure and certainly not always delivering reliable results. They were overgrown by superstitions, legends and myths, a desire for entertainment and - as always in life - corrupted by power.   

What this means for us today is that rediscovering true magic first and foremost is a discipline of practice, of genuine, reliable first hand experience - rather than theory, romanticism or even academics.   

So when it comes to writing about magic the bar I am trying to hold myself accountable to is quite simple: Things are only worthwhile sharing if I have tested and experienced them myself. I am a firm believer in the immense power of our subjective experience - these days so often obstructed by the desire to gain authority through scientific objectivity. Now, in sharing my personal, subjective experiences of the traditions of magic I will of course fail to comply with academic standards. These records can easily be put aside as biased, in-objective and a single individual's data only. And that is exactly the point.  

The value of the written word is painfully overrated these days. So many of us - myself included at still too many times - are looking for the pillars of truth and even our personal faith to be confirmed by books and writings of other people. Truth, however and if we will ever find it, doesn't lie in wait in books but all around us - hidden in our own skin, in the sight of our eyes, in the smell and sounds of forests, streets and human interactions. The book of nature never will never arrive leather-bound in toad- or goat-skin and scarlet imprints at our doorsteps.  

The best thing a book will ever be able to do is to allow us to question the answers we thought we already had found. In this spirit I am sharing a selection of personal material here. The topics you can find in these small eBooks are all subjects that have kept me fascinated and busy for long periods of time - and therefore the related writings outgrew what can easily be read on your computer screen.  

All eBooks come for free and are intended for private use only. Offering them for free might be a foolish thing to do in a world where only things you pay for hold a certain value. But then all magical experiences come for free in our lives. The currency we pay with is not money, but the time, effort and creativity it takes to experience them. I hope this material is useful to you in the most practical sense.   

Frater Acher
May the serpent bite its tail.

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