If I ever were to publish a book on my personal magical experience this model would be its linchpin: It describes how we create, engage, integrate and finally withdraw from spirit contact. Irrespective whether you deal with an elementary spirit, an archangel, a demon or even your HGA - vibrant spirit contact will always be the basis of any magical success.

Part 1 - Introduction

In this chapter basic assumptions are clarified that are important for understanding importance and impact of applying the Spirit Conctact Cycle in magical practice. Furthermore the background of the model in Gestalt Therapy is explained.

Part 2 - The Gestalt Perspective

The second chapter introduces the model as developed by Zinker. Each step of the model is explained in detail and by use of specific examples. If you are interested in working from a magical perspective only this chapter can be skipped. However, if you are aiming to tear down the wall between lives inside and outside of the temple it can give crucial hints. 

Part 3 - The Magical Perspective

In the third chapter we use the model to map out the process of actual magical spirit contact. Irrespective with which type of magical being you are working and communing with, all eight steps always apply for our engagement with the spirits. Each step is explained in detail and illustrated with specific examples.

Part 4 - Conclusions

In the final chapter we conclude by exploring how the Spirit Contact Cycle can best be applied in practice - and what it's impact can be once brought to life. Specific personal questions are given that enable the practitioner to reflect and create additional depth in one's contact with the spirits.