Now Online: The Everyday Path to your Holy Guardian Angel


Let's dig into the obvious question first: who am I to tell you how to achieve knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel? Certainly I am not living in a desert like good old Abramelin did and hopefully you haven't searched for a wise teacher for years like Abraham of Worms once did. I am no teacher and you are no student - at least not more than we all are on our individual journeys.

The perspective from which I am sharing these instructions is the one of a peer, a fellow searcher, mage and life artist. And what I am sharing are the fruits, failures and results of my own practical work on this path. However, there is a specific reason that makes me confident about the value for others in the things I've found. And this is the simple fact that in all instruction I know of to achieve this very goal something really important has been left out: the inner work that advances the outer practice.

In most mystery cults the Neophyte has to go through a long period of lent, trial and preparation before they are allowed to participate in the mysteries and become an Initiate. It’s not unusual that these preparatory phases take more than a year. A year that is spent in anticipation of the experience to come, even though its details and impact on one’s personality are completely mysterious and unknown to the Neophyte. It’s a period where inner changes take place in the persons that prepare themselves for entry. And it is these inner changes that I haven’t found put in plain words anywhere?

My teacher didn’t mention them to me; Abraham of Worms only hinted at them in his book (see the quote below) and even on my own path I only realized them looking backwards. Yet, wether we experience them consciously or unconsciously - their impact on our personality is profound and necessary. It is this period and the exercises that are undertaken to experience it that create the inner state of ‘readiness‘ to receive the gift of communion with your HGA. Once this is done the last step is almost effortless...

So that’s the goal of the Everyday Path to your Holy Guardian Angel: to lay out a clear map of phases one has to endure and pass through before inner readiness can be achieved. Now, we all start off on this journey at different points. Therefore it would be both arrogant and narrow-minded to prescribe a rigid sequence of specific experiences to you. Our ancestors might have done this - maybe just to make sure they could repeat and scale this process for many candidates over time? Yet your journey today is an individual one, a personal one. You have to become your own guide. And that can be the toughest part of it.

I hope what you’ll find in the Everyday Path is helpful to achieve this. I also hope it can fill the void between being completely on your own without any advise and being locked into the straightjacket of a mystery lodge or magical group. I hope what it will be helpful for is to become your own guide on this journey. 


Finally, there are some magical practices that I stumbled upon that I haven’t found in writing anywhere. To me they were the key that fit the final lock at the very end of the journey. Just like many others before I am hesitant to put these techniques in writing? So maybe what I’ll do is to explain the entire path - I still have two more chapters to go. And at the very end I’ll give you the option to get in touch with me personally. You tell me about your journey and I’ll tell you what formed this final key for me. Then you can try if it works for you as it did for me - or if it has to be cut and ground further before it opens your door. We will see.

"I beheld coming towards me a venerable aged Man, who saluted me in the Chaldean language in a loving manner, inviting me to go with him into his habitation (...). The goodold Man was very courteous to me and treated me very kindly, and during an infinitude of days he never spoke unto me of any other matter than of the Fear of God, exhorting me to lead ever a well-regulated life, and from time to time warned me of certain errors which man commits through human frailty (...). He required from me a very solemn and precise promise to change my manner of life, and to live not according to our false dogmas, but in the Way and Law of the Lord." (Book of Abramelin)

LVX, Frater Acher

May the serpent bite its tail.