(...) Together these learnings about the nature of daemons are a fair reflection of how spiritual beings have worked with, through and on me over the decades of my own magical practice. Maybe just as importantly though, these experiences have become the spade with which I dig into the earth of our magical tradition. Reading up on our ancestors' description of their magical experiences (or in many cases: philosophical speculations) turns into an act of magic itself - if it is done through the lens of our own personal experiences. 

A formula is meant to provide orientation. If you are already well-orientated you might not need it. But let's be clear which level of practice this formula addresses: A symphony is written in a long sequence of musical notes; it does not aim to explain the underlying rules of harmony. A magical grimoire contains the 'grammar' of specific magical rites; it is not meant to provide overt instruction on how to establish the underlying foundations for successful magic. This formula is not looking at the symphony nor at a specific rite, it is looking at the necessary foundations for any magic to achieve proper results.

Such was the case when I got the spirit's name tattooed on my chest - just like the golem was brought to life when its creator wrote the word 'ameth' on its chest. In the most literal sense I also signed this spirit pact in my own blood.  The promise of this pact was for me to accept a part of my nature as a golem. That part is now bound to inhale the 'life' which this spirit breathes into me. That part is bound to walk into the circle I am being conjured into, rather than to conjure myself.

(...) Herein lies the crux of vertical development: at first sight it seems like a loosing game. Any time we move forward on our vertical ascent the journey begins with us being proven wrong, with us accepting that part of the reality we had lived in is an illusion. Step by step we discover more subjective filters that ‘have us’ rather than us ‘having’ them. As anybody who has raised kids knows - growing up is a damn hard business. You bleed dreams, phantasies and imagined powers on this path more than you can care to count.

This essay in two chapters is exploring what in Kabbala is often referred to as the 'rainbow path'. A cryptical reference in most books only - referring to a pathway of direct mystical ascent. To begin with, and in order to ground our exploration in everyday life, we'll be looking at the contemporary field of adult learning - and a related philosophy and practice of facilitating deep personal change that emerged from it recently.

Fearless at Work actually isn't a book about work. It's a book about cowardice. The kind of cowardice most of us comfortably have forgotten about, and to aid that process we conveniantly began to call it everyday life. It's the cowardice that masks itself as numb acceptance or bitter withdrawal, as grudging tolerance or thick-skinned suffering. Fearless at Work is a book about the siege-mentality that most of us have come to live in these days.

The artefacts amassed by the family include historical documents, books, stamps, photos, magazines, application forms and objects used in Masonic rituals. Among these are, for example, the banner of the first Masonic lodge in the United States, in Minnesota and pictures of important Freemasons, among them Kit Carson, the Frontier man who refused to kill Native Americans or capture women. The oldest object is a French standard from 1700, which was buried during World War II to hide it from the Nazis.

Just north of the lagoons bordering the Gulf of Venice at the head of the Adriatic Sea, roughly ten miles from the shore and twenty miles below the last foothills of the Alps one can find the ruins of Aquileia. Right in the centre of the small town a large spiritual complex survived the millennials - made up by a huge bell-tower (73m), a large basilica as well as very special baptistery.

Where the neuroscientist sees neuronal networks, the gnostic Hermetical understands such electro-magnetical phenomena as physical manifestations of spirit-cells that form our inner organs (Wesenszellen) - so called ‘elementals’. It is these elementals that form one’s consciousness, mostly without any active involvement of the self. Sunday roast, sex, and other smart or stupid thoughts suppress the self. (...)

Once we have spent a considerable amount of time at the edge of Abyss a few things become incredibly clear. They become obvious not like a truth derived from philosophical speculation or from scientific hypothesizing, testing and retetesting. They become obvious like a truth that is part of who we are, of our own being, our very own flesh. We cannot call it faith, because we have seen it with our own eyes.

Everyone of us is forced to learn how to live life before we die. What as a toddler seems like constant play and discovery over the years turns into a raw and essential struggle. A struggle for one's own place in this maddening world. A struggle for a clear image in that mirror of knowing who we have become. A struggle of balancing what we want for ourselves with what we want to be remembered for by others. The difference for magical adepts lies in a simple choice. It lies in the choice that on top of learning how to live life they also choose to learn how to die before dying.

Today I want to draw your attention to a wonderful blog-post series Gareth Knight has been constantly and quietly releasing since late in 2015. In a world that is awash with repetitive, unconnected snippets of information, hearing the voice of people who hold the actual genuine knowledge and giving them the time to tell a full story has become a rarity. Especially on this particular topic - and then completely for free on top of it!

What a start to the year! The stock market has already killed all of its 2015 gains in less than 10 days while David Bowie rang the occult death-bell for one last time. The former left most people scared about how deeply intertwined our global economies have become and how little safety local communities are granted these days from events that might happen on the other side of the earth. The latter left many people scared about who will now be the occult-artist torchbearer - and sing about alien Gnosticism and superhuman-astronauts in the future? (...)

... Sättler points us to the historic name and records of an infamous magician, social revolutionary and martyr who aimed to restore the true form of Adonism roughly 1500 years ago. Compared to more recent occult celebrities who showed similar aspirations - Edward Kelly, Aleister Crowley or Gregor A. Gregorius to name a few - this man can fairly be considered the original godfather of occult social revolution, playing in his own Western league only with the likes of e.g. Shabbatai Zevi or Jakob Frank.