On the Dweller on the Threshold

Welcome to 2011 everybody! I hope you had a wonderful transition and things are looking good for you as we are beginning a new year... As mentioned earlier I have been working on an analysis of the experience or entity called the 'Dweller on the Threshold'. Other expressions for it are 'Guardian of the Threshold', 'Dominus Limini' or the 'Veil of Paroketh'.

While the term is often referenced by authors on Western Occultism it is rarely explained in depth. Having spoken about the Qliphoth in an earlier article and post, this paper presents a more accessible perspective on how to face our inner demons while ascending on the Tree of Life... 

Originally I wrote the article in 2005 in a shorter version in German. Since then I had the chance to continue my encounters with the Dweller and learn from many other people and entities. This led to the current revised and expanded version. Most importantly I added a critical analysis of the Gematria of the word 'Paroketh'.

I hope the article will help you in a similar way as it did me in bringing it together. While we all must make our own experiences - and Gnosis can only be achieved through individual study and practice - my intention was to provide a thorough theoretical basis for your own experiences and explorations. 

The article is now available in full length in the Circle of Practice section. It is structured in three main parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Below the veil of Paroketh - The illusion of the Ego
  3. Lifting the veil of Paroketh - On the nature of the Dweller

If time allows I will add a fourth part over time. This will cover the psychological perspective on C.G. Jung's concept of the Shadow which is closely related to the Dweller on the Threshold. Establishing a thorough understanding on how this Shadow affects us 'outside of the temple' in everyday lives is a lesson that is far to easily overlooked.

"The higher the learner ascendsthe greater the dangersThe angels and archons storm against him to strike him outA fire that comes from within him threatens to burn him."

(excerpt from the ascent of the soul in Merkaba mystic, according to Gershom Sholem, Die jüdische Mystik in ihren Hauptströmungen; 1996, p.56)