A Little Help on
some Magical Maths.

The following files were developed for my personal magical use. They are all based on relatively simple Excel calculations and I am sure there are way more sophisticated ways of achieving better results. Also, I cannot guarantee that I haven’t overseen errors in formulas or - even worse - in the instruction of Agrippa of Nettesheim et al. on how to calculate the related values.

With this in mind feel free to use them for your personal calculations and inspiration. In case you want to enhance, correct or change calculations, please feel free to do so as well. I have protected all sheets with the password ‘FA300’. You can unprotect and work on them at any time; however, I do recommend to keep them protected otherwise as you might accidentally overwrite fields that contain important but invisible data.

Frater Acher
May the serpent bite its tail. 

Note: all files were saved on ‘MS Office for MAC’. If you cannot open the file, try ‘Open with’ and select Excel or change the ending to .xls. If you still aren’t lucky, just get in touch with me and I can send you a freshly formatted copy.


Gematria Dictionary

This file proved to be extremely useful in most of my ritual preparations. It basically is a compiled version of the Sepher Sephiroth with a Gematria frontend in Excel.

You can simply enter the word you want to match to a hebrew value (by a certain method of Tziruph) and then see the results appear on the right hand side of the first tab.

Obviously there are many more methods of Tziruph in classical Kabbala, however, I had to make a start somewhere and these are the most frequently used seven ones. 

Magic Square Calculator

This file turned out to be similarly essential over time. You input the checksum of the magic square you are looking for and Excel does the rest. You will find all magic squares from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 9 cells calculated automatically based upon your input. Don’t forget to define the right ‘handle’, i.e. the basic numerical difference between two values in the same square. E.g. 1 is the most basic handle and will ensure the numbers in your square will be consecutive, whereas e.g. 5 will make jump each next value by a ‘handle’ of five.

A big Thank You goes to Nineveh Shadrach for explaining this technique in his book ‘Magic That Works’. 


Genius & Evil Demon Calculator

Now, this is a fun topic! There are so many ways described in the arabic sourcework of identifying the name of your higher genius and evil demon. So when it came to preparing for my own encounter with my HGA I had to settle on a method that I found logic and actionable. Ultimately I settled on the calculation based upon your natal horoscope according to Agrippa von Nettesheim (Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book3, Chapter 26) and the related interpretation of Donald Tyson (The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy,2009, p.127-129).

The result is this little sheet. Many thanks to Donald Tyson for his excellent explanation of this cryptic chapter! Any errors in the calculation are obviously mine.

Planetary Spirit Names Calculator

Here is the last one in the series so far. Ever attempted to perform a planetary ritual on a certain object, e.g. protection for your house? Well, how to you designate your house with a specific spirit name in the realm of the respective planet?  Good old Agrippa knew the answer already and this little sheet can help you figuring it out. Simply input the term or name whose planetary spirit names you want to look up and Excel does the rest.

As always with hebrew the vocalization is the most tricky bit. Your hebrew will easily outperform mine, so feel free to build your own vocalization approach based on the root word calculated according to Agrippa. He didn’t cover this bit in his book!