An adventure in Ancestral Magic - The Glauberg Museum

Here is an account of a recent adventure into Ancestral or Visionary Magic: My wife and I were on a short trip to Würzburg and Worms when I learned that an ancient Celtic burial site had been discovered and rebuilt at Glauberg - which was only a 30min detour from our route. Thus I convinced my wife it was worth spending a few additional hours visiting our ancestors - and the dog would just love to roam over the open fields. The latter turned out to be a great selling point...

1) The Museum and the Site

When we arrived at the celtic burial ground the tempature was minus 8 degrees Celcius and the sun stood in the sky without a single cloud. It was about lunch time, we parked the car on the side of the hill and walked towards the modern steel-coated building of the museum. That was the first time I saw the hill.

The burial hill lies on the slope of a valley that descends into a wide open plain of fields and forests. On the other side beyond the fields the trees distant hills ascend. They surround the plain like the shores of a huge lake that turned dry leaving the valley with all its fertile grounds... Behind the burial ground the hill ascends further, gives space to the museum building where once a sacred grove had its place. Yet behind the building a s well as to its left and right still a tight wall of deciduous wood covers the rest of the ancient hill.

The interiour of the museum is as modern as you can imagine it: all surfaces, steal and facing concrete. The entire front of the building is a huge 2-level window, creating the impression as if you were looking out into the bright sun, the fields and forests from a flying saucer that just landed in the remote hills of Glauberg. On the second floor the visitor finds the actual exhibition. Very swiftly it becomes clear that there is almost nothing we know about the actual rites, culture or traditions of the Celts. Objects found in the burial grounds are labelled simply as what they are given todays level of knowledge and research: 'mysterious object 1', 'mysterious object 2', etc.

We do learn, however, about the actual setup of the area more than 2500 years ago. The burial ground had been errected to cover two burial chambers, one in the north- and another in he south-end of the hill. In the middle of it was a third chamber, yet it had been left empty deliberately for unknown reasons. The hill was surrounded moats that carved through the area. Behind the hill on the Northside huge poles had been driven into the ground. Yet even their use is unclear today, some of them might have formed the layout of a hut, others might have been used for decorative purposes. Further down the valley a second, smaller burial hill had been found as well as a third grave. And that is almost everything we learn about the sight. However, there is one more thing.

2) The Celtic Statue

When the visitor almost has left the museum they enter a final open space. In the middle of it on a small plateau a huge, white sandstone figure rests and silently stares back over their heads into the museum. It is the ornamented statue of a celtic warrior king. The statue is completely unique in its existence except from the remains of two similar figures that had been found closeby, yet both of the others had been deliberately destroyed at some point. 

The warrior is adorned with a flat cap and a double crown possibly made from his own snarled hair as it might have been custom among the Celts. His left arm is hidden behind a battle shield that covers the central part of his body, whereas his right arm touches his hear on the middle of his chest. He is cloaked in a decorated dress and wears a sword on his right as well as armrings and a  necklace. His legs, however, are bare and huge in statue. They emerge like two broad, powerful white pillars from his armour and disappear in the ground with both feet lost in time... This is the last of the three Celtic warriors remaining at the Sacred Hill of Glaubenberg.

So I sat down next to it and started to meditate. I entered the Void, allowed my inner flame to eat away all features around me and leave me behind in nothing but deep, open space darkness. Then I stepped out of it and in front of the warrior king. For a short moment I saw the entire statue covered in flames. As if covered in liquid fire the white stone was shining and sparkling. Then the fire disappeared and I looked up to the face. Immidiately I heard the spirit of the statue singing. It was a deep, guttural sound that stretched out from his mouth and was meant to flow ahead and extend into vast spaces. Yet it kept confined in the room like a cage... While my ears couldn't hear what the statue was singing or whether actual words were articulated, I clearly heard the deeply vibrating sound that emanated from its calling.

I asked the statue what its purpose would be. He answered he is a Caller. All three of them had been Callers a long time ago, but that time was past now. Most importantly, however, their call couldn't be heard anymore because the others had been destroyed and he was kept confined in this place, locked away from nature. I asked him what he was calling for and he answered he had been calling for specific forces to descend from the stars and mingle with the powers of the Earth. On asking what I could do for him he asked me to go out on top of the hill and call again. He would use my voice and presence to call out to the stars and land again.

3) Calling the forces of the land

So that's what I did. I returned through the Void and left the museum. My wife had fetched the dog and together we walked down the slope and climbed the hill of the burial ground. In the cold air even the thin layer of gras on top of the earth felt tight and solid and permanent like rock. The sky was bright and clear and the cold piercing through clothes and skin. When we reached the top the entire valley lay before us in all its beauty. I couldn't imagine it to be more beautiful than on this day. Yet I knew it only was a shadow today of the untouched forests and forces our ancestors had seen and worked with in this place.

After my wife had descended on the Southside of the hill with our dog - who definitely appreciated the opennenes and vast fields of this space, running around as if all hell had broken lose - I sat down on the ground and started to meditate again...

I stepped out of the Void and was still sitting on the hill. I didn't spend any time looking around yet started to sing straight away. As I had learned on other occasions it was important not only to sing on the inner realms but with your actual mouth and voice as well. The more I could help to materialize the sound and call of the warrior on the physical plain the better. So I sat there singing in a deep, low voice and allowing the sound to flow down from the hill into the wide open space beneath. Suddenly I perceived the sandstone statue standing behind me and behind it again I saw a druid or magician standing - both of them singing as well. Our voices stretched out and only now I realized we were in the dark of the night. The stars shone bright above us and something started to move in the skies as we continued to sing... At one point the druid left, yet his voice continued to sing through the stone of the actual warrior king who again continued to sing through my voice... Both of us had become memory units as well as amplifiers to the original voice of the celtic magician. It was his voice that we were allowing to come through.

Then suddenly I saw spears of light shooting down from the stars. I realized that these spears never had been visible but always existed on the inner realms only. They shot down from many angles and were pulled down towards us from our singing voices. Once they had reached us they disappeared into the ground.

Only at that point did I realize what was actually happening: the huge, round burial ground had turned into the womb of nature. It was filled with the spirit of the powerful deceased of the tribe. And it were the spears of light that shot down from the stars that brought their spirits to life again. Behind us on the Northside of the hill - that is on the opposite side to where the star-spears shot into the ground - the power of the sky would flow out again, filled with its own spirit, the forces of the land as well as with the matrix of the powerful desceased of the tribe. And this unique stream of power would be ready for being caught in another physical vessel again, ready for re-ification and another cycle of incarnation. And that would also be the place where the druid would now sit and sing - over a couple making love and ready to receive a new born child whose soul's makeup and matrix would thus be part of the lineage of their most powerful ancestors.

4) Conclusions

In a brief moment I had understood this ancient way that our ancestors had found to use death as the matrix for life - and to keep their newborn blood deeply entrenched in the forces of their own lineage. In addition to that, creating such a natural womb of nature would have a strong and positive ripple effect on the hills and valleys, the animals and plants of the entire area... They all would benefit from the powers channeld from the stars and into the womb of nature. However, at some point this process could also have led to one-sided imbalance of nature - as the power of a single lineage continued to dominate the area for decades or centuries even?

Months ago I had set out to better understand the magical current of the Nazis. It had been a dark and deeply disillusionizing journey into the depth of the land and my own people's history. What I had found were appaling ways in which nature's powerful forces had been abused and ultimately turned against the ones who set out to control them initially. The aftermaths of this research had continued to haunt me wherever I went, revealing more and more insights about the way this network of perverted powers had worked for decades on the German land - and still continued to do so in some areas and places.

What I had encountered at the Glauberg was the first current that turned against this stream of abusive powers. It was the first sign of an ancient way of living with and positively nurturing the powers of the land and the stars in order to create continuitiy and prosperity for the people who lived and worked in harmony with it.

This reminded me of an important aspect of nature - our own as well as the one's that surrounds us: it is us who decide wether to abuse or nurture it. Yet nature's powers themselves always remain independent and free. While our motives and ideals may change and vary over decades, centuries and millenia the raw forces of nature are always present, patiently waiting for us to engage with them. Nature never judges, but it reacts to the impulses it receives. Everything that can be used for perversion can also be used for growth and prosperity. So let's not judge the forces of nature by the effect they have on us, but by the motives we applied when engaging with them in the first place?

Here is a huge Thank You to the warrior king of the Glauberg for allowing me to use his voice for contacting the land and the stars. I guess I shall return at a later point - or other magicians might just as well? - and open him more channels to re-connect with the land and sing again into the wide open of the fields and forests below the ancient burial ground.

Note: After this experiene I did some further research. I found that the actual flow of power might have been somewhat different to my initial impression during the contact. What I consider to be more probable today is that the forces of the stars entered the 'womb' from the southside, i.e. the side of the open valley into which the warrior king would have called. The forces of the land, however, might have entered through the northside, i.e. the side where the holy grove was located above the hill. This would make them come together and mingle right in the middle of the womb - exactly where a third 'grave' had been left empty for unknown reasons. My assumption today is that this was the culmination place on the inner realm. At this deepest point of the womb, in the middle between the ancestor graves on the north- and southside the forces would unite: the powers of the stars, the powers of the land and the matrix of the powerful deceased. Once combined into a single current they would shoot up from the centre of the womb to the top of the hill - where a couple would make love, waiting to be inseminated by the forces of the ancestors, the land and the stars...

Well, let's hope we will rediscover this practice through practice in the not so distant future ourselves.


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