XVI - The shape of magick to come

Over the last weeks I found myself listening to the Occult of Personality interview with Scarlet Imprint several times. While I have been a  mindful follower and collector of their publications, to my shame I have to admit I had not noticed the release of XVI - Bringing down the House of God. It seems I simply wasn't ready for it?

Well, I am sure now. First of all a huge Thank You to Greg Kaminsky for making this interview possible and allowing slower people like myself to catch up! Secondly - if you are somewhat similar to me and missed the publication of XVI and Greg's podcast, don't waste any time and get both of them today...

Now, you might wonder why I am so passionate about this particular podcast and book - in a world where we all get spammed with new Amazon recommendations on occult titles everyday? Fair enough. Here is my point: the understanding of magick as Peter and Alkistis of Scarlet Imprint explain and promote it is the missing link between what happens inside our temples and on the outside, in our everyday lives and the jobs most of us still need to fill to earn a living. Here are eighteen of the most reputable and innovative authors and magicians all exploring pathways towards a vision of how to take responsibility in life through working with the spirits. Some of their thoughts might sound more dangerous than practical, yet these are the blows it takes - at least in my case - to break through the walls of numbness and wrong assumptions. I guess this book is the gunpowder that can burn down the house in which you kept yourself confined. I am looking forward to reading it - and setting myself on fire.

A final thought as I am fully aware of the price of the book. To be quiet honest: In a world like ours where people get iPods for Christmas, it simply is a shame that the book isn't out of print already. Consider this: How much would you spend on a one day seminar with an average speaker on a topic you are really interested in? If you get it for 80-100 USD you are probably lucky. Now, you are certainly interested in magick as you wouldn't read this post otherwise. How much would you need to pay for a ticket for a conference where all authors of XVI share their most current thoughts on the challenges we face as a Western occult tradition and civilization...? Let's simply say I couldn't afford it. But with a bit of sacrifice in the next weeks I can afford this book.

Here is one way how you can contribute to the shape of magick to come.