Healing the Land - Part 2


When Signum arrived we picked things up exactly where we had left them a week before. We had breakfast, drank coffee and discussed job and other matters. We didn't need to talk too much about the magical work ahead of us because all that mattered had been arranged already.

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1) Preparation

I had bought four 1L bottles of miron glass as well as 10x 100ml brown glass bottles. These were the containers we had to fill. Standing silently on the workplate in my kitchen for some reason they reminded me of pipe bombs waiting to be activated. We also had agreed on a place where we would perform the rite. It was a place I had stumbled across by chance 20 years ago, deep in a valley full of small river arms and woods. At the ground of the valley curls the river 'Mangfall' which feeds the drinking water for most of Munich. The water is very pure in this area, taking the color of the ground over which it flows, changing from blue to white to green and deep violet. Also, it was a remote place where we would be undisturbed - especially during a cloudy and drizzling day like this one...

We stored all things necessary in two large backpacks and loaded everything into the car - plus my dog who curled up in the trunk as we drove off. It was about a 45 minute ride when we arrived. We drove down a steep remote path to the foot of the valley. On opening the doors of the car the rain had become quite heavy and the noise of the broad river was everything we heard. 

We stood silently next to the car and suddenly realized that this journey would begin exactly like the previous one: Last Saturday our way had let us into the boat of a ferryman who brought us to a bridge. We embarked next to the bridge, washed our faces and walked over the bridge. Then everything had started... This time without realizing it we had parked our car next to an old bridge build from heavy stones. So the first thing we did was to climb down to the river and wash our faces - just like we had done in vision the week before. Then we grabbed the equipment from the car and walked over the bridge. It was a strange feeling walking over the river - as if we were in both places at the same time, as if a note had been played in the inner and outer realms and they overlapped in harmony. Then we fell into silence and started to walk into the woods.

It was about a wonderful quiet walk following the meandering arm of the river. The ground was slippery covered in melting snow and ice and the mist hung low in-between the trees. The words I had been given by the contact in the library returned to my mind and I started to sing them in low voice - looking for a melody that I could hang on to during the rite. We went deeper and deeper into the valley and the woods.

After about half an hour we arrived at the entrance. The last time I had been here had been in late December 2011. During that time I had opened a contact in a sidearm of the river to the Goddess of the Underworld. This sidearm descended through a man-made tunnel over several tall stairs. When you sat in the middle of the tunnel, your back pressed against the stones, your feet held tight in asana you could just about avoid getting soaked in the ice-cold water of the creek. And that's exactly what we planned.

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2) Arrival

We entered into the dark of the tunnel. Immediately the noise of the water rushed over us. We tried to avoid the deep points in the water and climbed up two stairs into the darkness. Then we settled at the edge of another stair and unpacked. We lit four candles, two to our left and right, we burned incense on a plate of dry bark and placed an old broken millstone that we had found in-between us. We took our shoes off and settled in the tight space we had. Then we prepared the water. We had brought a large singing bowl that would carry enough water to feed all of our bottles at once. Thus we could ritually charge all of the water in the bowl and then bottle it. We sprinkled flakes of silver and pollen into the empty bottles - the only two agents we had been ordered to bring with us to create the potion of the land.

When all was done we looked at each other, closed our eyes and began. It was only at that point that we both realized that we hadn't really planned what exactly we to do - except for singing and bottling the charged water. The only thing we had agreed to begin with was a standard meditation Signum had developed years ago: thinking of a place in nature we both loved we both formed an orb of light in our chests. We expanded this orb with the light of the shelter, the love and presence we had felt in this place. Then we shot down this glowing orb into the earth below us, forming a direct connection to the chthonic realm. We formed another orb of light and shot it up into the skies creating a link with the celestial realms. And with that we hung in the middle - in between the chthonic and celestial realms, the ice-cold water rushing through the dark in front of us, the clouds of incense dragged by the movement of the water between the tight tunnel walls out in the woods. For a moment I just breathed and allowed myself to settle in the present moment. Then through the water in the large bowl I entered the Void. 

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3) Closing the Eyes

It was a beautiful moment. I was surrounded by darkness, dissolved into nothingness. Only the surface of the water shone like silver in the depth of the Void. I thoroughly enjoyed it, what a wonderful place to come to. Then on the other side of the bowl I saw Signum's spirit shape again - the man covered in flames, sitting in darkness and meditating just like me. For a short moment I also saw the orbs of our angels behind us - yet they seemed distant or faded as if they weren't important for what was to come. 

Then I asked the contact I had met in the library to come through and join me. Immediately I felt the urge to sing. It wasn't the words I had been given and remembered by heart. It was a simple melody that suddenly filled my mind.

(Note: I should mention here that I am probably among the most unmusical people you have ever met. Well, we haven't met but you know what I mean? My musical gene is so deeply absent that even my music teachers in school allowed me to sit next to the class while they were practicing. The tipping point had been a flute concert I had been forced into - before which the teacher threatened me not to play a single note, but just to move my fingers and look down... So, me having any type of melody in my mind that doesn't come from speakers is highly unheard of. And so I was surprised and did the only thing reasonable at this point - give up control and go with it.)

So I started to sing in the Void and my body started to fill with the presence of the contact. She emerged from my heart. in the middle of my chest a deep cut opened and her presence emerged as a light. Her golden feeler started to expand and fill my body and spread out beyond it into the Void. Her golden glow also radiated into the dark and touched the surface of the water. Sometime around this point I lost all awareness - both on the inner and outer realm. I realized that the words flew out of my lungs, my heart, my lips, just like water from a source without control. I also realized how the singing had started to shake my body. My entire torso deep from within, my arms and head were shivering and trembling as the words continued to flow over and into the dark. It was a moment of complete devotion and beauty. My mind had dissolved in devotion, my heart had dissolved in devotion, my skin had dissolved in devotion. in no time at all the melody had taken possession of every cell in my body, it streamed out of me and dissolved all borders. There was nothing left but sound. 

At some point I realized I was singing at the top of my lungs. It was then that my hands were pulled forward and deeply plunged into the cold water in the bowl. - Years ago I had learned how to use your hands to charge objects, how to absorb energy with one hand and emit it with the other... Yet this wasn't as subtle, it was much more raw. Much more like putting to use an immersion boiling device - the energy rushed into the water through my arms and hands in solid, strong streams. Actually it seemed as if the energy was everywhere... At some point Signum grabbed my hand. Our fingers touched and my mind arose from the melody. For a moment it was just the sound of my voice echoing back over the rush of the water, the darkness, the flow of power, and Signum's cold hand in mine. A short circuit. Then I drowned again in singing...

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4. Opening the Eyes

It was some time later that my voice ebbed into a low chant. Only then could I open my eyes again in vision. Up to that point I had been a raw vehicle of power, a carrier. Holding back any portion of my mind to observe what was going on around us would have prevented me from falling into the deep state of trance my body and mind had been in... What I saw in vision was this: the silver bowl of water still hung in the middle of the Void. Yet the contact that had come through me was worked heavily on it. I saw her embedding threads of long geometrical strings into the essence of the water. They looked like strands of silver-DNA. Yet they were shining and spinning and had all sort of geometrical forms. I had never seen anything so delicate yet at the same time powerful. It was as if the glow of the contact and the silverlight emerging from the strands enfolded the entire scenery. It made me want to smile and cry at the same time. Around this center scene, however, I saw something else. A huge and tight ring-wall of angels had appeared around us and closed us in. We were hanging in the middle of a huge dark shaft of angel bodies with no ground underneath and no skies above... 

I tried to focus my vision on the angels, yet all I saw was their immense presence protecting and guarding everything that happened within. And then I realized how little Signum and my contributions were to this work. There was power flowing through the shaft from above and below and the angels ensured it stayed clear and untouched. Then the contact spun around the bowl of water and weaved the DNA strands into it. Signum’s contact worked like a massive funnel or strong resonating body. Signum and myself, however, had completely faded into the background - two small shadows patiently maintaining their silence and allowing the others to flow through them into the material realm.

I also noticed that Signum had started bottling the water from the bowl into the flasks we had prepared. On focussing on the process I realized that the ring-wall of angels and the glowing strands of geometrical shapes followed into each bottle. Once filled each bottle was surrounded by a small version of the ring-wall of angels itself and the wonderful DNA was spinning in slow motion in the water contained in it. They looked like crystals or slow flames of silver fire or rays of moonlight under water... There was no comparison to their beauty.

At some point I opened my physical eyes. I saw Signum sitting in the low light of the candles, working quietly on the bottles. The contact was still singing through me. And for the first time I realized I was both on the inner and outer realm at the same time: I saw Signum's physical body and at the same time I could perceive the angels and the contact working in the same physical place. Both were imminently present, breathing, working, co-creating. It was the moment of a lifetime.

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5) Return 

When Signum was done we sat in silence and meditated for a while. Then I closed the gates into the Void and allowed all contacts to withdraw. I opened my eyes; Signum had already begun packing up. While we carefully stored the filled bottles in our backpacks we both realized how wet and cold our bodies had become. While we both had felt perfectly fine - or numb? - during the rite we now saw that the water had swelled against the stones we had placed in the middle of the small stream and started to flow over the stones and blankets we had been sitting on... For about 40 minutes Signum's entire right foot had been in 2-3° cold water, yet he had felt perfectly fine.

On our way out of the tunnel and back through the woods we both went through several phases. First it was buzzing excitement and joy. It was instantly obvious that this rite had worked wonderfully well. It was also most amazing to see how magic was done through us rather than by us - how much could be achieved if we used our minds and bodies as gateways for inner contacts to work through... On this followed a phase of overwhelmed quietness. We both tried to realize the full impact of the event that now lay behind us - and couldn't. We tried to connect the dots looking forward, understanding what would happen next - and failed. And then finally followed a phase of deep physical exhaustion that stayed with us all the way until we arrived back home, through the evening and night until this point now where I am typing up this report...

So here it is. The small part we can contribute to healing the land. We both don't know exactly what this potion of the land is that the contacts created for us. The good thing is, however, we don't need to know. When you embark on a journey like this, we both learned, it's crucial to trust. To hang to your intent and nothing else - and then do what has to be done without really knowing. It sounds strange and it certainly is. Yet for now, there is nothing left to do. Except for one thing... 

Pour me out.

With best regards from the Inner Library.