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How to Speed up your Magical Harvest - or a Vision into the Great Work, Part 2

Now, in my eyes we are confronted here with an essential consideration about the nature of the Great Work. And that is the question of its pace and speed. People often say ‘You cannot speed up the harvest.’ Often when I hear this I get impatient and think to myself: ‘Right. But you can certainly forget to sow, water and shield your crops.’  (...) So the question that emerges seems to be: How do we marry the virtues of discipline, focus and commitment with their balancing counter-weights of letting go, accepting, experiencing and immersing ourselves into what is offered to us? In short: how do we marry our male and female sides to become one in the Great Work?

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Brother Leonardo's Spiritual Leadership as Magical Reality - an occult lodge lecture from the late 1920s

Yet in the end it is so easy to fairly judge according to just criteria whoever seems to be leading or might be perceived as a leader. One may only look at them and upon their deeds. Not at the life they are leading as this is of no matter. Daimonic instruments such as these tend to lead their lives in different ways than the majority and in this respect are almost always abnormal. Yet are they supporting the spiritual freedom of humanity?

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Brother Leonardo’s Self-Examination - an occult German lodge lecture from 1933

What I am about to share here and for the first time in English language is one of the finest gems of their collections. It is the transcript of a lecture given in 1933 by a German Jewish magician and lodge member by the name of Brother Leonardo. In fact it is the second lecture of his in a small series. I will share the speech without any long introductions. For whatever it is worth to other people, this lecture in my eyes deserves to stand on its own, to speak for itself and to find ears that can hear wherever you may life.

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