Magical Knowledge - A Practice Field Trip (1)

This weekend I had the chance to do a very special trip. It was a practice field trip to the British Museum - with the only goal to increase my understanding of and skills in applying the most essential, yet also basic technique in visionary magic: inner sight.  in her extraordinary Magical Knowledge Trilogy Josephine McCarthy lays out the entire path for the practitioner - from the first steps into the Void, to contacting the Adepts on the inner realm. All we have to do is to practice. And a free Sunday in London was the perfect opportunity to do this...

I had been to the British Museum many times before, during the years when I lived in London and still often after that. Yet, this time I returned much more single minded then before: my intent was for the inner contacts to direct my perambulation through the museum and bring me to specific artefacts which either wanted to talk to me for personal reasons or from whom I had to learn something about the way their energy or being worked on the inner realm.

It was a rainy day and the museum was absolutely crowded with people. I guess that was the best condition for a good practice field trip in the inner realms.? The challenge would not only be to hear the inner calling or pull of energy towards a specific object, but also to still and  focus my mind sufficiently among the crowds in order to enter the inner realm when ready to talk to one of the beings entrapped in the artefacts... Well, here is my report of what happened.

On entering through the main door I focussed my awareness on the energy centre above my skull, approximately 5-6 inches above my head. I stood still among the passing tourists and visitors until  a sphere of shining light had formed. Then I made a general call to all the contacts in the house to use this energy point to pull me in the right direction... Immediately I felt a pull to the left, through a hall way crowded with gift stalls and into the broad hall of the Sumerian and Egyptian artefacts. My eyes focussed on the ground I allowed the energy to continue to direct me to the exact place where it wanted me. Once I had reached it, I looked up and stood in front of the first artefact to be examined.  


The Attendant God

The Attendant God

Before I read the description of the object I immediately went into vision. Carefully I cupped a bit of my inner flame from the middle of my chest and brought it into the centre of my attention. Emptiness and Void  spread out from it like the feathers of a dark bird that quickly engulfed my entire inner vision. Once even the flame had disappeared I stepped forward and back into the hall of the museum.

Before me I saw the rough and weathered stone of the artefact. Encapsulated within it, however, was a bold and shining pillar of energy...  The pillar was very precisely build and placed together of multiple elements. Its cone-shaped foot rested solidly one the ground, while above it turned slender and bright like a pillar made from pure crystal. At its top it expanded almost like a broad blossom, building the platform for the being and energy it would support and hold up.  

The Attendant God

The inner structure that once had been immersed into the stone still seemed to work flawlessly. It didn't seem to carry an individual conscious on its own - except for this single minded intent to maintain its structure and continue to hold up. 

I returned from the vision and opened my eyes. Then I read the description of the artefact:

"Attendant God, Assyrian, about 810-800BC, from Nimrud, Temple of Nabu. This god, with its pair opposite, stood outside a doorway in the Temple of Nabu, god of writing. (...)"

It struck my how superficial our temple structures in the current times were built compared to this intricate level of magical detail and care? We might go hunt down all the colours of a certain GD scale to paint the respective altar banner - but how does this compare to such a beautiful artefact whose creator knew how to combine its use on the inner and outer realm into a single stone figure? 


The Protective Spirits

The Protective Spirit.

The next call came from just across the room. Slightly surprised, but willing to follow my inner guidance I returned to my place behind a pillar and went into vision again. This time I approached to large stone plates, mounted on a wall. They showed the carvings of two spirit beings which I had often seen in books already. When looking at them in vision, however, I couldn't find anything living about them. There didn't seem to be any consciousness still encapsulated within them.

The Eagle-headed Protective Spirit.

I shifted my view and stepped closer. Suddenly I realised that their function had never been to offer dwelling for any inner beings. Quite the opposite: they were doorways - still opened. When approached carefully, I could look through them and see into the Void. It was as if looking out through a window into a pitch black tunnel. Air was sucked into this tunnel as well, then pushed in the opposite direction again, creating a air draught that went backwards and forwards through the actual stone plates...

Something pulled me to the right while still in vision. Next to them stood a huge statue of a winged bull with a human bearded head. It was in near perfect condition still and probably 12 feet high. I walked around it in vision and couldn't see anything particular. The stone seemed cold and without life; no difference between my sight in vision and without.

Only once I looked closer at its large stone belly did I discover something unusual. Within the stone there was a weak glimmer of light. It wasn't larger than a walnut and even reminded me of a nut in terms of consistency. A shimmering light emerged from a small sphere within the stone that seemed hardened, almost fossilised. It dawned on me that this was the last spark of consciousness of the spirit guardian that once had reigned over the entire colossus. Withdrawn from the outside, asleep and immersed in its own dreams, it still hung within the brown stone...

I returned from vision and opened my eyes. I looked at the three artefacts in wonder and amazement. Then I stepped closer and looked at their description. Here is what I found on the actual descriptions of the two stone doorways:

"Eagle-headed Protective Spirit, Assyrian, about 865-860 BC, from Nimrud North-West Palace."

And it continued to say that both of these panels originally once had been placed behind such huge winged stone bulls. What a clever construction? The stone bulls had been placed in the entrance of a temple area, attraction all the attention, marking and guarding the passage into the temple space. Behind them, however, and most likely highly overshadowed by them, was the actual doorway into the inner realm -  guided and protected by the seals of a protective spirit.

: : Part 2 coming soon : :