LXXXI - The Quareia Magician's Deck

Here is a project that literally has been years in the making - and now finally is live in its final phase before being able to manifest in its physical form. 

Josephine McCarthy together with the magical artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland have worked since 2005 to develop a complete deck of 81 personally designed and hand-painted cards specifically tuned to the magician's practice.

While the Tarot is a powerful tool that maps out general forces and elemental influences in life, it was never intended to enable practical work or communication with magical beings, places or contacts. Tarot is a tool that maps out the inner dynamics behind our everyday as well as our inner lives. In contrast to this LXXXI - the Latin letter combination for 81 - is a uniquely magical tool, not dissimilar to your other magical paraphernalia: Each card is contacted to either a specific magical being or inner contact or a real place in the Inner Realm that hosts access to specific powers. The overall deck is therefore arranged into four main realms: The Divine Realm, The Inner Realm, The Physical World, and The Realm of Death. (You can read more about its background and way of working on the new pages on Quareia.com.)

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Speaking personally, LXXXI will address a major obstacle in my own practice: it will allow me to get in contact with a broad range of highly specialised spiritual contacts without the burden of repeating highly complex ritual settings each time contact is required. Of course LXXXI does NOT replace the ritual and visionary approaches as laid out in the Quareia curriculum. Instead it enriches these in a truly unique way and allows broader diversity of spiritual contact as the practitioner progresses towards adepthood. Thus this deck of 81 cards will lift a significant burden off the spirits and inner places I work with regularly as well off myself as a fragile human being: It establishes a completely new interface of magical communication - compellingly simple and straight forward in its layout and design, yet thoroughly grounded in decades of practice and experience of Josephine McCarthy and other adepts who contributed to this deck. 

To my knowledge no such magical tool exists today. Neither one similar in intend and certainly none similar in artistic style, craft and care that went into its design, collaboration and creation.

Now, to make this project happen everyone's contribution is required. Whether you want to help through pre-ordering your copy now or instead through a crowdfunding donation - every little helps! This project has been carried for years by very few people, they have brought it a huge way - and so close to its realisation. I truly hope in the next 21 days we can bring it over the finishing line jointly.

As so often in life, doing good is not only easy but also in our very own interest as magicians.