Healing the Land - Part 3

Yesterday I had an extraordinary experience in the inner realms... For weeks now I had wanted to go back into the Inner Realm to understand the next step in Healing the German land. Finally, the time was right yesterday to take the next step of the journey. Here is an account of what happened.

Note: the previous two accounts can be found here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). And because I had some free time on my flight to Dallas I also chose to give it some colorful artwork. Just for the eye, clearly not for the magic.


1. Context

While the previous workings during winter had been very successful, they had also left both of us deeply exhausted for weeks, with many changes in our lives and hesitant about how to continue the project. Two things we knew for certain:

  1. Healing the German land was and still is a huge undertaking which will take at least a couple of generations of magicians to work through - thus additional work was not a choice but a necessity. 
  2. Furthermore, the healing water we had created with the help and under the instructions of the inner contacts had been a perfect start. It was powerful yet fluid, bottled into small portions - i.e. it could be poured out anywhere over the country - and thus it was hard to be tracked down or attacked by the guarding forces of the WWII which still remain active in the land. So where to continue from here? 

After much thinking, discussion and further great advise from Josephine I reminded myself of the attitude that had allowed us to travel where we were right now: not trying to be the brain or creator of this process yet the hand that executes only. Identifying the next step of the journey didn’t require deep pondering or sparkling innovation from my end. It required to go back into the Inner Realms and ask the right beings to tell me what to do next. Simple.

Having reminded myself of the role we had to play in this process I needed to identify the right inner contacts to provide further guidance. Clearly we needed to go back to the Inner Library and check what our two contacts had to say about our work so far - and how we should proceed? However, before that I was convinced another step was necessary. And this was to reconnect with the spirit guides of the four quarters that had offered their help to me a few months back. This is a working I hadn’t shared any details about back then, as it still seemed work in progress after the initial contact. Something that proved to be quite true when I paid them another visit yesterday... 

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2. The Work

I cleared the room and laid out the wooden circle on the floorboards. It was a lovely spring day, very warm and the scent of the Apple tree blossoms blew through the open window. I placed the four candles in the quarters of the circle and the ritual objects of each direction behind them: a skull in the East, a fire salamander in the South, a white Snake in the West and a white stone in the North. Then I sat down in the centre and entered into the Void. 

Once surrounded by darkness I cupped a spark of my inner flame and lit the candles in the quarters - each opening the sacred space of their element. In the East I saw swirls of clear air filling the quarter, in the South vibrant sparks of fire, in the West droplets of dew hanging in the air and in the North filigree branches and leaves sprawling out of the Void. I returned to the centre and meditated about the goal of my work: to receive guidance on the next step of healing the German land... After a while I stepped forward from the Void and approached the flame in the East. The veil of swirling air parted in front of me and opened the view into a lush scenery of green fields, woods and an old Abbey in a valley.

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2.1 Entering the East


As I crossed the threshold and stepped into the landscape I immediately received the call of the contact I had previously established in the East. His voice was agitated and chattered all around me. I called his name to gain clarity of what he wanted. The chatter ceased and I saw him standing next to me. He is a tall, slender figure with four black bird faces and four long, curved beaks. As we descended into the valley and towards the abbey I realized his eight hands were holding certain objects. On closer examination they turned out to be a sickle, a small cauldron, some dried herbs and a handful of black roots.  

Just like during my previous visit we sat down in the courtyard in the middle of the cross-coat. The white stone walls were shining in bright daylight and I asked the birdman if he was prepared to help me on my quest? He mentioned the answer to my question was alchemy, yet alchemy of a different kind. With his sickle he cut the purple flowers that were growing in-between us, he put them into the cauldron, added the herbs and roots and ground all ingredients to a fine powder. Then he emptied it on the earth between us. I opened my palms and he cut them with his beak. I placed my hands on the ground and the forces contained in the fine powder were washing into the ground together with my warm blood. As if the earth was answering, a gush of raw energy erupted from the ground.

The birdman said: “Traditional alchemy harvests the forces of the land to make use of it for man. You have to invert this process. You have to harvest the forces of man to return them to the land.” I asked him for the name of the ingridients he had used to create the powder. He mentioned the names, yet didn’t seem to be overly interested in my question.

As we had walked back to the gate of the East I wondered how I could take the alchemical substances of the birdman with me? He had revealed a process of alchemical preparation yet how would I repeat it without having the necessary substances on the material realm? I tried to put them in my mouth and swallow them, yet I had to spit them out as it didn’t seem right. I looked at the herbs, the black roots and the purple flowers... Then I decided that knowing their names had to suffice for now. The birdman and I bowed in front of each other; then I returned into the Void.

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2.2 Entering the South


On entering the South I found myself walking on a line of fire. The narrow stream of flames pointed forward and downwards behind a rocky hill. I followed it and arrived above what looked like an ancient Greek amphitheater.

In its center a pool of electrically charged, blue flames crackled and rose up into the air; four lines of fire were flowing down the tiers from each quarter. I knew this place from my previous visit and descended towards the central pool.

Halfway down I called for the contact of the South. At that very moment I realized a huge, grey scorpion emerging from the rocks next to the central fire-well. It was of the size of a boat and it moved its giant claws slowly in the burning air. Next I saw the head of my contact emerging from below the scorpion being... Just like before he had the shape of a saurian made entirely from rock. His head rose slowly and gently and only then did I realize how much I was disturbing the two. It was the first time ever I saw two inner contacts making love.

I approached the saurian carefully and from his mouth he spit marbles of blaze (‘Glutkugeln’) into my palms. They were made of black stone filled with a fire held in wait. I thanked the contact yet his head already withdrew again and submerged below the scorpion.

As I ascended the tiers of the theatre I realized my body had grown slow and heavy. Each step took enormous effort. 'The marbles of blaze', I thought, 'I am carrying all their weight back to the gate of the South.' They seemed small and of neglectable weight, yet I had learned that in the Inner Realms things often aren't what they appear at first glance. I kept the marbles sturdy in my hands.

Every couple of steps I had to stop and catch my breath. It took me quite a while until I reached the gate of the South again. On arrival I faced the same problem as before: how to take the marbles over the threshold? Swallowing didn’t seem right and I knew I couldn’t take anything with me in my pockets. I hesitantly opened my belly and put them inside.

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2.3 Entering the West


When I stepped over the threshold in the West the contact was immediately present. Just like in the East before it seemed she had been waiting for me. Her glowing, translucent shape remembers me of a jellyfish that floats in the air as if it was water, bright shimmering tentacles surrounding her to all sides. I stepped over the threshold and without a moment of hesitation the contact swallowed me in whole.

She picked me up, light as a feather, and carried me over a pool of living water. Then she descended into the pool and drowned us both under water.

We continued to float downwards, me carried safe within her translucent body. I looked around and saw the clear waters of the pool growing darker and darker... I had seen this pool before and never imagined it to be that deep? From the outside it looked like a shallow basin or just a fountain. Yet down we moved, deeper and deeper underwater. Then I saw a glimmering spark below us. It grew brighter and I realized it was a shining white perl on the ground of the water. The contact seemed to aim directly at the perl.

Once we were close enough the contact opened its body to pick up the perl and it merged into my skin and body without effort. The whole process had only taken split-seconds and as soon as we had finished our movement downwards we immediately bounced back, floating up towards the surface again, carrying the shining perl from the ground of the well within me.

The contact sat me down next to the pool. It felt strange carrying the perl within me. I wanted to thank her for her help, yet she was already floating away into the night sky. Pondering I walked back to the gate of the West. This time my body hadn’t grown heavy like in the South, yet it still felt different. As if I was sheltering part of another being within me, pregnant in some way?

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2.4 Entering the North


On arriving in the North I saw a path before me and followed it. It brought me back to the burial ground I had visited a few month back, below a sacred grove and overlooking a sacred valley. My contact in the North is a tall man wearing a long coat of moss. His body underneath is made only of shadows and he wears a deer skull as a mask. As I walked up the ancient hill I saw him standing on top.

Once I came close to him he pushed me down without a word and striped me naked. His hands made from shadows pierced through my skin and opened my flesh. Blood was flowing out of my belly and into the earth of the hill.

Suddenly I grew afraid: What if this contact didn’t act in my best interest? What if he was more interested in reviving the forces of this ancient burial mound than maintaining my health? Yet his shadow hands were working feverishly within me, spilling more dark blood on the ground and ripping my body apart. My conscious started to blur and mingle with the earth of the hill. I was still scared and considered what to do? Finally I gave up, took a leap of faith and allowed my conscious to fade...

I sank down with my blood into the belly of the hill. It was cold and dark and fresh. After a while movement grabbed my consciousness and I searched for ways out of the ground, like smoke caught in a tomb I tried to find passages of exit...

I emerged back from the earth in shape of green and black colored snakes. It was a strange feeling being split into multiple beings at once? I climbed the hill again and on reaching the top the snakes merged back into a single being. Now I looked exactly as before, only the green-black snake skin had stayed with me. Yet, I knew something else was different - my body had turned into a vessel of quite different forces. I felt that my blood underneath the snakeskin had turned black like the earth in the hill.

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2.5 Closing the Circle 

When I returned through the gate of the North I had come full circle. I turned back to the flame of the East and considered how to best end the working. Having gone through four elemental journeys had been pretty exhausting... Then in a sudden insight I realized I wasn’t finished yet. Staring into the flame of the East it hit me: ‘The key is alchemy, alchemy in reverse.’

The contact of the East hadn’t asked me to do alchemy outside of the Inner Realm - quite the opposite. It needed me to bring the gifts of the other three quarters back to him - so he could finish his work. That was why I couldn’t take any of his ingredients with me, yet the other three contacts had placed them into my body so I could carry them through the Void. The substances I had seen in the East were not meant forme, but for the land once all things necessary were assembled. It was the marbles of blaze, the perl from the water and the blood of the land the contact of the East was waiting for...

On stepping over the threshold of the East I couldn’t see my contact. I looked into the valley and saw the white walls of the old abbey shining in the sunlight. I walked down towards it and on entering the cross-coat I saw the birdman sitting in the central courtyard.

As I sat down opposite him I realized the tip of a crystal pyramid was pointing out of the earth below our feet. The birdman looked at me, then he prepared the alchemical powder again and emptied the cauldron over the crystal pyramid. I opened my palms and reached out to him.

He leaned forward with the long black beak of one of his four heads and cut my palms wide open. Strange black blood. I lowered my hands and touched the crystal pyramid. I don’t remember how it felt; yet I do remember that I started to cover the entire tip of the pyramid in blood. Then I leaned over it, cradled it with my body and allowed my blood to flow openly over the crystal and into the ground. For a short moment I realized the marbles of blaze and the pearls of water again. It seemed the birdman had taken them out of my body and arranged them in a pattern around the blood-covered pyramid... Then everything happened very quickly.

An eruption of energy exploded downwardsinto the earth. At that moment I realized the vast dimension of the pyramid covered in the ground. It was of huge dimensions, while the tip above the ground I was working on wasn’t higher than a foot or two. The whole ground was shaking, moved by the energies released. I saw their colors: they where white and bright yet similarly solid and soft, like translucent ebony... Then a second eruption happened. This time in reverse direction filling the entire courtyard with energy. It burst out from the ground and shot up into the skies. It was time to leave.

The birdman and I ran out of the yard, through the cross-coat and out of the abbey. We ran towards the hills while catching glimpses of what was happening behind us: a huge pyramid of light now extended above the abbey, reaching down with its tip into the courtyard where we had sat moments ago. A second pyramid reached downwards into the ground.

As we were fleeing towards the hill I could see the birdman smiling next to me. A deep feeling of satisfaction filled me. Without knowing anything about the history of the abbey, who had built it or for what purpose I knew it was exactly this what it had been built for. It had been built around the crystal pyramid in the ground which now had been activated again.