Visions in Environmental Magic.


As magicians we are the most ordinary people on the outside. On the outside, our means to fight global warming in no way exceed everyone’s ways: using more public transport, avoiding one-way plastics, buy organic products, taking shorter showers, keeping wildlife-friendly plants in our gardens or on rooftops … The list is long, and of course it ends with donating whatever money we can afford, and giving it to organisations that focus on the most powerful lever of all: fighting the root causes of deforestation and actively driving reforestation.

On the inside - in the inner realms of magic - things look quite different however. While even here all of our powers are highly limited, we know beings and we know pathways between them, the world and us. Here we can act as silent messengers, as sacred vessels of information and power, we can bridge time and protect or unlock patterns that otherwise would remain dormant or suppressed. Very few other species can work in the way humans are empowered. Which is why nature desperately needs us to show up!

In light of this critical mutual dependency and yet our insufficient levers on the outside, I am inviting you to practice some basic environmental magic with me. Let’s do our fair share in protecting this planet from the inside out. Because that is the way magicians have worked since the old days - from periphery to centre and from seed to form. For many good reasons, this is the reverse direction of the pathways of most social or political activist. A further common differentiation is that the latter tend to work in networks and crowds, whereas magicians have a habit of working in secrecy, often as lone practitioners or in tiny root-groups. Of course, in the best of all worlds, both pathways come together and meet in the middle - the spark of the magician, and the flame of the activist.

So let’s get practical.

Just recently Josephine McCarthy rediscovered some of her archive treasures and made them available for free on the Quareia website. Amongst these texts, are four particular magical operations that focus on our relationship with and active support to the ecological environment we are an integral part of. These visions can be read as four practical steps towards applying ourselves to the world as agents of protection and healing - naturally, from the inside out. All four of these visions are short and most powerful if performed correctly. No equipment is needed, except for a clear mind, a quiet heart, and a firm hand. You do not need to be a Quareia student or adept of any other magical tradition in order to participate with impact. Everyone with basic visionary skills is invited to do this work in silence and all by themselves.

‘Your mission, should you chose to accept it…’ Well, it’s quite simple in this case. Josephine has shared all the details you need in the overview below. Good luck - I’ll see you on the other side.

Frater Acher

And here is short introduction to the four visions in Josephine’s own words.

On the recent archive section of the free books page, I included some visions that I and others have worked with for years in various places dotted around the planet: it is basically environmental magic. 

Four of those visions in particular have great relevance for the time we live in, with climate instability, loss of diversity, and the ever encroachment of toxics, poisons, and over populations of humans who devour everything in their path.

These four visions work from the outside in... first with 'Breathing the Forest' which tunes you and the land together, then 'Carrying the Forest through Time' which works to carry the inner pattern of the forest into the future, then the 'Inner Landscape' vision which tunes you deeply into the complex creative inner pattern of nature, and finally the vision of 'Paradise on Earth' where you work very deeply with angelic beings to flow with the tide of creation in nature from Divine utterance to the manifestation of the inner Divine vessels.

These visions, worked with repeatedly over time in the area where you live can have a slow but steady and profound affect on both the magician and the land - it draws you together. I have been working in my area for ten years now, and I am really starting to see the difference it can make.

Finally, here are the direct links to all four visions in sequence. As always, please respect the copyright of these magical visions with Quareia and Josephine McCarthy. They are intended for your private use only.