Arbatel Experience #4 - OCH approaching

It's time for the next ritual in my Arbatel Experience. Well, to be precise, it will be time for it in three weeks time from today. This time I am taking a slightly different approach than during the three previous rites: While preparing the required paraphernalia I chose to approach OCH, i.e. the Olympic Spirit of the Sun in vision in advance. After the intense experience of the first three ritual communions - as well as having learned a lot about my mistakes from Josephine's wonderful book - I guess I simply became more sensitive to building up spirit contact step by step... rather than going from 0 to 100 during the relatively short time of the actual rite.  

My first spirit visit in vision happened last Friday - it was very short, yet intense like a powerful blast. I had merged with the angelic body of my HGA at the usual place where we meet. Then my angel suggested to lift me up and pull our merged bodies out of the sublunar realms. For a short moment we were hanging in the quiet darkness, earth shimmering below us like a wonderful pearl... Then suddenly my angel's body started to gain incredible speed and head towards the Sun. It only took a short moment, then my entire vision was filled by the erupting, burning, blasting surface of the Sun. It was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen in my life. The little sphere of light of our joint bodies was hanging in front of this huge globe of fire as meaningless, as powerless as a single particle of dust... The sheer size of the body of the Sun blew away any sense of proportion. This was the centre.

At the same time a flogging, unrelenting, powerful wind emerged from the surface of the Sun and blew in all directions. Never before had I considered that there is a physical place in our universe from where a wind emerges that shoots and storms in all directions at once? Truly, this place was the centre of everything I was part of. This was as close as my fragile self could get to the epicenter of the macrocosm. And never before had I realized so harshly that Hermes Trismegistos' saying 'As above so below' was exactly that - a philosophical saying, an idea, a spark of a thought - that had precious little to do with the reality in front of me. The fire in my heart and the fire in front of me were world's apart. They certainly were of the same nature - but one had taken the size of a star, holding a whole solar system in balance by force of its pure presence alone, whereas the other kept the blood pumping in my small body at night when I lay asleep in bed...

We are part of the most amazing wonders of nature, all secrets of live, condensed in our small bodies and minds. But boy, we are small. What a humbling experience. OCH is approaching.