Save the Bees

In an earlier post I spoke about the important influence of Scarlet Imprint's recent release 'XVI - Bringing Down The House Of God'. The main message being - in my eyes - that we all need to find our own way as magicians to contribute to, shape and define the world we are living in - inside and outside of the temple. It is about social responsibility in times where it is truly needed, just like ours.

While I have no answers whatsoever which path this will take me on personally in the years to come, I know what I can to right now. Rather than looking for huge projects or visions of what I might be able to do in the future, a dear friend taught me to just think of the smallest next step I could do 'right now'...

What a wonderful lesson to learn - I wished I had been ready for it years ago! 

Well, here is one thing I did today:

In case you are interested on some more occult background on bees you might like this article: On the Symbolism of the Bee in the Occult Tradition