theomagica means 'divine magic'. this page is the front-room of my magical workshop. It's the place where I store things that are done. Things that might be of use to others.

- Frater Acher

Olympic Spirit Evocation Notes

Earlier this week I came across this account of another magician evoking the Olympic Spirits. Excellent work in my humble opinion and a great account of the Olympic Spirit  conversations. Unfortunately the page seems to be down and only accessible via 

Link: Olympic Spirit Evocation Notes

Phul's advice on silver and silver nitrate is highly interesting... It seems this magician achieved a very precise level of communication and even saw pictures of the spirits. His name is only given as Demian - which could be a reference to the protagonist Demian in Herman Hesse's book of the same title - or maybe just his name. Well, unknown Demian - here is to you and your wonderful craft!

On the Nature of the Qliphoth

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