The deeper the spectator proceeds, the greater the dangers. The angels and archons attack against him to strike him out. A fire that emanates from himself threatens to burn him.
— Gershom Scholem, Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism

After having shared the article ‘On the nature of the Qliphoth’ I felt compelled to further clarify my personal point of view on actively working with these forces. We are living in times where so much knowledge that used to be hidden for millennia is openly accessible to everyone. In most cases this knowledge is protecting itself and will only be unsealed and brought to life by people who are ready for it. In some cases this might not be true. Thus I have taken time to share my view on working with the Qliphoth in this post more explicitly. 

Additionally, let me provide five examples of recent manifestations of the Qliphoth according to my personal opinion only. Everyone of us has a different worldview and potentially we would all chose different events in world history to find places of manifestations of the evil forces in creation. To argue about this basic fact is not the point of this side. The point is to ‘keep things real‘ and help us all avoid the two biggest mistakes we could make - to think of the Qliphoth as something that only exists in our Triangles of Art and to think of ourselves as being ‘immune‘ to their influences in every day life.

Frater Acher, MMX
May the serpent bite its tail.  

Anyone who wishes to see the Qliphothic demons at work has no need to undertake the mighty conjurations of Abramelin the Mage, he has only to take a look around the nearest hospital, lunatic asylum, prison, brothel, or slum.

When compared to such depravities as Belsen and Auschwitz, or the general by-products of modern politics, such as nerve gas, napalm bombs, total warfare, atomic fall-out, brainwashing, etc., the old fashioned black magician out on a sex-kick seems very small fry.
— Gareth Knight, A Practical guide to Qabalistic Symbolism, Vol.1, Helios Book 1976, p.232