Make your bed on a Delphic tripod and you will lead a nobler life. Everyone, woman or man, can do it, because sleep is the most readily available oracle of all.
— Synesius, De Insomniis 144B

 The following chapters are the results of my personal explorations into dream magic over the last decades. Many techniques described can also be found in the well-established literature on dreams and lucid dreaming. Surprisingly the most illuminating work I found so far is still the small German booklet ‘Träume Erinnern’ by Christoph Gassmann. I am deeply thankful to the author for his wonderful work.

However, what I couldn’t find in books when I picked up my own experiments with the subconscious side of our lives was a concise instruction that brought together all necessary steps in a single place. That is why I created the following instructions - for my own and personal use first and foremost.

Since then I spoke to many people about their experiences in dreams; many of them found the advise brought together on these pages helpful (originally this used to be a PDF document in German language). Yet, it took me another half decade to understand that the conscious engagement with our dreams actually is the best preparation for thorough ritual work and spirit contact. The skills of actively engaging with our subconscious, being non-judgmental in face of intense emotions, remain objective to our own experiences and - ultimately - find a place for every living creature in our worlds, may they be destructive or constructive, appalling or dulcet, have proven invaluable for my magical works.

It took some time to translate, revise and update the original content, yet it is now all available online, a new Circle coming to life. I also expanded it by a Third Part. This additional section will share more advanced techniques to engage constructively with dominant or aggressive dream beings.

May this work be brought to life by experience.

Frater Acher