The Everyday Path to your Holy Guardian Angel

To achieve knowledge and conversation with our Holy Guardian Angel there are manyfold ways. Some of them are shorter than others and most of them have been forgotten today. 

What all of them have in common though is that they require you to work on yourself first; only then do you encounter another higher being. The focus of work moves from inward to outward. The raw stone has to be finished first before it can shift into the space that has been left empty for it in the temple. Our journey towards communion with our Holy Guardian Angel is a journey towards fulfilling, towards becoming what we are meant to be. That is what our HGA is assigned to support us on and if we want to connect to it consciously that is the journey we have to dedicate ourselves to. Thus we have to transform our embodied personality from an obstacle in the work of our HGA to a partner and co-creator. Achieving this is the first step in a long journey, not the finishing line.

On the following pages I am sharing a path to achieve this goal. This path is based on my personal experience first and foremost and anyone setting out to walk it all the way will need to adjust it according their personal lives and needs. My main motivation for sharing these instructions is to reconnect the experience of our Holy Guardian Angel with our everyday lives. Rather than in isolation or remote desert valleys this work can take place in the middle of cities, in villages, in kitchens, on car parks and in pubs together with friends and families. It does require periods of isolation indeed; yet the tools to shape ourselves aren’t hidden in secret temples yet under the surface of the choices we make everyday.

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 Frater Acher
  May the serpent bite its tail.

"It is necessary also that you should fully understand how you ought to enjoy these immense riches, so that they may not be in your hands unfruitful, or even harmful." (Book Abramelin)

“Genuine Initiates do not grasp for powers they are unqualified to use beneficially, but they do seek to extend their capacity for rightdoing, so whatever power comes to them will be properly applied.” (William Gray, Inner Traditions of Magic)

“We do not have enough power at our own disposal to do anything very wonderful." (William Gray, Inner Traditions of Magic)