On the Magical Current of the Nazis

An example of visionary practice.

The following report is the result of the magical operations I undertook in December 2011 according to Josephine McCarthy’s trilogy ‘Magical Knowledge’. Only through the support and guidance of her books did I find entry to the Inner Library and could start to research on this particular topic. This is also why I want to start off by expressing my thankfulness to both Josephine as well as the gentle inner contact who guided me patiently through the Inner Library... Thanks for being a guiding light.

Everybody who has ever studied in the Inner Library knows that reading a book in its large hall is quite different from reading a book at our kitchen table. Often the information processed and acquired in the Library comes through only days or weeks after we have been exposed to it. Sometimes it takes years for the knowledge to manifest in our lives. The knowledge contained on these pages unfolded swiftly, within 48 hours only. I used Josephine’s guidance not only to access the Inner Library but also to understand the information I had been handed over. What you will thus find below is a descent from Kether into Malkuth, a sequence of horrors flowing from idea to manifestation. 

The following account is my unbiased transcript of the information I have been given on inquiring about the magical currents initiated by Hitler and his closest leadership circle of the Nazi party. I believe this information is of value for two reasons. First, it is another small step towards a better magical understanding of what allowed for the horrors of the Second WorldWar to happen. In order to avoid history repeated we have to dig in deep - each one of us - and learn the lessons the years of 1933 - 1945 have to offer. Secondly, I hope this account will be helpful to anyone interested in the magical currents still working within the German land - and maybe helping to heal it jointly going forward.  

Finally, in an earlier blogpost I already had shared some thoughts and open-ended questions about the possible reasons why Germany still is so deeply affected by a Saturnian approach to magic. I hope this study can further help to shed light on the questions that remained unanswered in my post.

Frater Acher
May the serpent bite its tail.


Note: Major Arcana as they came up in the reading on the knowledge given in the Inner Library   

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1) The First Triad


The Divine Level 

Kether, Chokmah, Binah 

The Heart of the Story



From a magical perspective the story of the Nazis is about the eternal struggle to establish the Garden of Eden on Earth. Obviously while following this journey a lot of things went terribly wrong and stroke devastating wounds both on the people and lands that this current came in touch with. The following is just my attempt to unravel what exactly went wrong from an inner and magical perspective only.

Let’s start by realizing a very simple fact. All big human endeavors in history have been a pilgrimage towards something, towards a new and better, a fairer way of life. The vision that stands at the beginning of Hitler’s Nazi movement and WWII is no different in this. In Hitler’s eyes his vision was not only a deeply positive one, yet it was also an eternal one, one man had strived for for millennia. It was a vision so appealing yet dangerous that many men before the Nazis decided it is worth dying for. Worth dying their own death and letting millions of others die theirs...

Detail of an early Nazi propaganda poster as displayed in the permanent exhibition in the Eagle’s Nest

Detail of an early Nazi propaganda poster as displayed in the permanent exhibition in the Eagle’s Nest

The pure essence of this vision was to establish a state of harmony and stability, a state of abundance and wealth at a point in creation (Kether) where no ideals of man matter. It is a vision that replaces the wonders of creation with the predictable fulfillment of ones own deepest desires. It is a vision that replaces what's real with man's ideal - and thus places man and his desires at the centre of creation.

Imagine someone so desperate yet so unable to find love amongst mankind that he - instead of working on himself, instead of understanding his life as the work on a raw stone - decides to reverse the entire game and create not only a lover but a world for his own. Man replacing the nature of creation with his own vision and dreams fulfilled, that is the vision Hitler and his companions saw at the dawn of a new era. An era only they could create.

There is a saying coined by the Fascist, Alchemist and Occultist Julius Evola: "Nature in itself can only produce silver. In order to produce gold you have to force nature to move beyond itself." And this is what we can learn about the demons that were set free by man pursuing the ideal instead of what was real. In a world where the ideal has become the standard, everything real turns into mortification. And because slight happens so frequently a culture of acceptance has to be replaced with a culture of control. Thus the ground-stone of rigidity and inflexibility is deeply embedded into the fundament of everything to follow... 

We can see clearly now that the idea at the very core of the Nazi philosophy was to create a stable state of creation where every man and animal, every object and spirit had found and taken its rightful place. It was a vision of a new world order from which harmony, wealth and peace would spring. It was the highest hubris thinkable - to take the role of God on earth and to force nature's laws beyond themselves with the goal to turn into gold what had been a flawed attempt of creation so far.


Once this vision had formed in Hitler's heart another force came to life and sparked the first events of action (Chokmah). We know this force in our own days from the hippie movement, the green movement, from the organic food movement and even most recently from the Occupy WallStreet movement. The early 1920s and 1930s were full of this force... It is the initial spark of raw and unformed power that comes from the realization that the current way of living is deeply flawed - and a new and better way is possible and within reach for the generation currently alive. It is the idea of change and the conviction that something better and essentially purer can be brought to life. 


However, at the same time it is also the shadow of a mind or society that struggles to accept flaws, failure and impurity as natural experiences in life. The most heroic acts not rarely are fueled by our deepest fears. In the case of the Nazi's this fear might best be described as the angst of the narcissistic mind: to be flawed and worthless within one's very own nature.

After the vision (Kether) and the emerging forces of change (Chokmah) a third step followed that rounds off the central theme or triad of ideas of the Nazi philosophy. 

This is the force of dominion and rulership. It is the idea that peace can only be possible if opposition ceases to exist. It is the desire of the narcissist to establish himself as the one and only patriarch of life. It is the desire to establish a single source of authority telling right from wrong, forgiving from judgment and relapse from progress (Binah). It is the desire to mold or force life back into the patterns of our earliest childhood - of a two-dimensional thinking that yields a philosophy of fascism and dictatorship in order to suppress or eradicate the forces of evil down to its very roots. These were the initial forces that helped to unfold all the horrors that followed: The forces of a living vision, a new emerging power and the strength and discipline of a ruling mind united in one deeply flawed attempt to recreate nature itself.

Now, fast forward 15 years and take a sneak preview at what offspring this philosophy had brought to life... Let's take the programs of Euthanasia as just one example. The question when disabled life becomes unworthy of living will remain an open one forever. Yet, whatever the answer is, it is not for us to judge! We are simply handed over the challenge of sustaining all life given to us in the best possible way. Yet, it is this burden that is rejected by the Nazi philosophy. A culture that replaced acceptance with control at its very core will ‘solve problems at root level’ rather than humbly deal with the imperfections of life as a social society. In the Nazi philosophy life stopped being a teacher to people. Instead they inverted the dynamics of creation and taught their newly invented laws of creation back to life.

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2) The Second Triad 


The Spiritual Level

Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth

The Dynamic Forces



The next step in this roller-coaster of horrors was to bring the dynamics set in motion on the highest level down into the triad of the soul. If the three ideas described above are the basic philosophy that formed the magical current of the Nazis - how did this affect people on a spiritual level?

As strange as it might sound the dominant force on a spiritual level was the one of Love (Chesed). It was this perverted type of love that made everything what followed possible. As only carried by the currents and blindness of love can people perform the horrors the Nazis did. However, let me illustrate this point more drastically.

There is a little known three hour long secret speech to 99 Nazi generals that Heinrich Himmler gave at a dinner in 1943. The first and only time I heard a live recording of it was when I visited the Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgarden where it is accessible at a listening station in an exhibition. It is there that Himmler says the following 

"I want to mention here before you in all frankness, a very grave matter. Among ourselves it should be mentioned quite frankly, and yet we will never talk in public about it ... I mean the Jews, the extermination of the Jewish people. One of the things that are easy to pronounce. (...) 'The Jewish people will be exterminated', one party member says quite clear, 'it's in our program, elimination of the Jews, extermination, we will do it.' And then they all come, 80 million worthy Germans, and each of them has a decent Jew. It's clear that the others are pigs, but this one is a first-class Jew. Of all who talk like this, not one has seen, no one has lived through it. Most of you will know what it means when 100 bodies lie together, when 500 lie there or when 1000 are lying there. To have gone through this and - apart from exceptions caused by human weakness - to have remained decent, that has made us hard. This is an unwritten and never to be written page of glory in our history (...)." (translation by Frater Acher from this source


To remain human, decent and integer while standing on top of a hill of corpses, to feel connected to something deeply alive as all things around you have died, to ultimately love your own illusions more than the stark picture of the reality you created - this is the biggest achievement of all in the war, according to Himmler. And this is also the nature of the 'love' that fueled the horrors of the war. It is a love for grace, for peace of heart, for divine union - a love that constantly claims to be giving, yet in reality is only taking. 

At the deepest spiritual level we are confronted with a love that turned to stone. A love for all things hard, sustaining and merciless. A love for all things dead - as the dead are the only ones to survive the horrors the Nazis inflicted upon themselves. 

Himmler again: 

"The wealth they (i.e. the Jewish people, ed. Acher) had, we have taken from them. I have given a strict order, which SS Group Leader Pohl has carried out so that this wealth was drained naturally to the Reich. We have taken none of it. Individuals who have failed are to be punished according to an order given by me in the beginning, the threatening: who takes even one mark of it will be punished with death. A number of SS men - there are not many - have failed, however, and they will be of death, without mercy. We had the moral right, we had duty towards our people to kill this people that wanted to kill us. But we have no right to enrich ourselves with even one fur, with a clock, a mark or a cigarette or anything else. We do not want because we exterminated a bacterium, to get sick of the bacillus and die ourselves. I'll never stand watching only the smallest spots of decay coming up or accumulating. Where they may form, we will burn them out together. But overall we can say that we have fulfilled this most difficult task in love of our people. And we have no harm to our inner self, our soul, our character in it." (link to source)

And again in the same speech still: 

"The Law of Nature is this: What is hard is good. What is powerful is good. What made the battle of life and asserts itself on a physical, mental or emotional level is good - always seen on the length of time." (link to source)


So what was the force that could have balanced such an imbalanced approach towards life? What was the force that had become entirely inaccessible or blocked (Geburah)? In its very nature it was the force of unconditional creativity. It would have been creation for the sake of creation, the uncontrolled muses of the artist, the deeply felt devotion to all expressions of life. What the Nazi philosophy lacked completely was a place to be formed, to take in new impressions and experiences, to experience the eroticism of sensual discovery and the plasticity of all things living.  


Maybe this blocked force can be best described by the bursting open of an egg, the giving birth to inexperienced and new life. However, it was the opposing force that proved to be central to the Nazi philosophy: the shell of an egg that turned into steel, protecting the infantile and megalomanic vision of the narcissist.


The result of this lack of natural dynamic or balance was the birth of a completely immoral heart that pounded relentlessly in the centre of the Nazi philosophy (Tiphareth). If creation had to be re-invented none of her (seemingly flawed) laws and ethics did apply to the agents of change. The pilgrimage started had to be guided and steered by a new set of  laws fully aligned to the vision pursued. What was really needed were rules of crystal clear purity, of zero tolerance and exception, of complete mercilessness towards evil - in order to be fully devoted to the good mission.

The price the Nazi were willing to pay to achieve this mission was unconditional, i.e. without any limits. No ethical rules confined them, no constraint of resources challenged their ideas, no laws of nature could prevent them from pursuing their vision. The blood that filled the heart of the Nazis' vision was nothing but complete freedom. Such a journey if undertaken as uncompromisingly as done by the Nazis has to end in the madness, chaos and disorder of the Fool...

3) The Third Triad 


The Personal Level

Netzach, Hod, Yesod

Manifestation and Outcome



But let's descent further into the material realm and investigate what forms these forces took once they crossed the veil of Paroketh from the Inner Realms.


On a personal level trying to bring these forces into manifestation meant that your emotional forces (Netzach) had to be maintained in a constant state of ecstasy. In a world where you try to force nature's law to go beyond its thresholds, where you replace the real with the ideal, your emotions and actions are constantly judged against the new bar of your own idealism. The only possible way of ‘feeling okay' under these circumstances is to continuously maintain a level of emotional ecstasy, i.e. the 'highest' or 'purest' possible emotional state. Everything else would have fallen below the bar and into the region of the average or more simply put, the human and therefore the real.

Furthermore, however, it is only in the state of ecstasy that we can free ourselves from the limitations of being humans - and become a pure vessel for the divine. In the case of the Nazis this was clearly required day in, day out. Because if they were to establish a new world order they themselves had to be the first advents of this change. In order to prove their theory they simply needed to be super-human. The only possible way of doing this is to turn yourself into a vessel of the forces that created and maintained your vision - and completely letting go of yourself.


On a mental level (Hod) a pretty similar approach was required. In order not to be constrained by the eventual pleasures or pains of live all of them had to be abandoned. Complete devotion to the work was the minimum requirement. Thus everyone was required to follow the path of the sage who abandons the pleasures of the world for the pursue of the divine. It was from this position only that each decision could be taken with a courage that could stand upright and on its own in face of the forces of death and life. In essence: an attitude of complete rigidity and merciless discipline created the mental framework for these imbalanced forces to flow into the material realm.


Finally, one's own place in the material realm (Yesod) had to be constantly defended and aggressively expanded by an attitude of uncompromising Strength. No weakness could be covered up, hidden or glossed over. Everything, each flaw, each aberrance had to be seen, smelled, tasted and perceived exactly as it was.


Beautiful or rotten, growing or decaying, pure or polluted. Only the strength to maintain all senses open under any circumstances would ensure to always judge one's own progress objectively. As Himmler described above - it was the strength that it took to stand on a hill of corpses and still maintain your ‘decency’ that he was most proud about. So this is the tribe the Nazi's created and surrounded themselves with: a cult of merciless followers who had sacrificed any subjective experience or reaction in order to build up an unsurmountable level of strength. A tribe full of fear of weakness.

But where did all this lead to in the end? 

Well, we know the historic outcome. We know the deep wounds and scars this pilgrimage towards a new, a man-made world has left on this planet. But, what was the outcome on a magical level? In face of all these horrors - which forces were it that actually seized the opportunity to grow and expand beyond their natural thresholds?


Well, I guess finding the answer to this question will take a lot of magical work and courage in the years to come. But what we do know is the place where these imbalanced forces crossed the thresholds. Because it is the bridge these forces crossed over into the material realm that can clearly be seen now. Each single human being that had allowed the forces described above to work through them had turned themselves into a stone. And each of these human beings formed a single brick of this bridge into the Abyss. One corpse, one egg made from a shell of steel next to the other, forming a bridge into another realm.

Isn’t this ironic? Looking back on all that happened between 1920 and 1945 today we understand that Hitler's essential motivation was to build a bridge. To point and lead the way towards a better future that had been regarded as unachievable, impossible by others so far. And with all his dedication, his sacrifice, his deceit and the millions of corpses he and his followers had walked over they finally achieved to build such a bridge.

Yet, it wasn't them who walked over it into paradise. In fact they themselves had turned into stones and become the building blocks this bridge was made of... And what was marching over this bridge, over their own dead bodies came from the other side of the Abyss. And it walked right into the material realm of the German land.