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The magical path as such doesn't exist. All that exists is your own path, your own life and events. How you want to experience, co-create and possibly alter these, that is up to each one of us to figure out. Magic as part of this process offers a unique set of skills, tools and living contacts that allow you to engage with the world in a meaningful way. Equally magic offers a way to get into trouble - more than you would be able to without it. Thus a few basic skills are helpful when considering to get into magic.


To Want

Every child intuitively knows how to desire or want stuff. Our whole world has become geard towards increasing our needs. The trouble is most of our desires are very short-lived and not necessarily helpful for ourselves or others in the long run. Understanding, learning to control and carefully redirecting the way we 'desire' is a foundational part of the magical art.

To Know

 Knowledge can be born out of theory or practice, reflection or experience. It is normally best when both come together. In magic knowledge can also flow from inner contacts into us and we become the living containers of it. Understanding how we avoid holding on too tightly or letting go too easily of the need to know is a foundational skill in magic.


To Dare

Only a fool will dare something without understanding what is at stake. Our ability to dare requires gentle balance with taking responsibility for ourselves and others. Understanding how we maximise our own freedom and yet willingly give it up to maintain what we value is one of the hardest lessons in life. Magic is amongst the most dangerous and potent tools to learn this art.

To Share

The power of utterance, of sharing and bringing to life through speech is foundational to the Western path of magic. It's twin is the power of Listening. Understanding and carefully building these skills requires long stretches of silence. There are a lot of things that life likes to teach through silence and the power of language and listenig are both among them.


about theomagica.com

Theomagica can be translated as 'divine magic' (from Latin theos = god and magica = noun use of feminine form of magicus). To me this page is the front-room of my magical workshop. It's the place where I store things that are done, that might be of use to others or great examples of how not to do things. It holds records of my own magical path, what I studied, found or failed in over the last twenty years or so. 

All material here is for free and for your personal use; it is meant as a place to give back to our community. When I grew up the internet was just emerging and I would have killed (or almost) for genuine reports of practicing magicians who actually had done what they wrote about.

A second reason for this page is the strong divide that still remains between the tradion of practiced magic in Germany and other European countries, in particular the UK. I hope to be able to contribute in making this gap somewhat smaller and to enrich our joint understanding of the truly European heritage we all benefit from. 

On theomagica you can find content clustered into the following main sections. They are all accessible via the slide menu at the top-left of this page.

Theory & Practice

Two sections called 'theory' and 'practice'. Here you can find historic studies and articles on occult topics which I found insufficiently explored or summarised in existing literature. On the other hand you can access detailed reports on more arcane magical techniques as well as accounts of my own ritual practice. These are meant as inspiration (where they worked) and warning (where they didn't work as desired). All articles present many months of private study, research and writing, which is why I'd ask you to respect copyright.

Tools & eBooks

Two sections called 'tools' and 'ebooks'. In the former category I am sharing several Excel-based tools to support you in some aspects of magical math. These calculations can be very arduous - and while there is a lot of value in doing them by hand, it's also very easy to get them wrong. If nothing else, you can use them to validate your own calculations. The 'ebook' section does exactly what it says - here you can downlod the longer and heavier studies for more conveniant offline reading. All for free of course.

Blog & Topics

Two sections called 'blog' and 'topics'. The blog presents all articles published since 2010; originally under the title of 'myoccultcircle.com'. It's still the best place to stay in touch (if you whish to), hear about any news on this page and read shorter articles such as book reviews. The 'topics' menu allows you to surf old posts according to certain key words and categories. I recommend using the wonderful Search function on each of these pages; the search engine works very well (Thanks to the great team at Squarespace!).

About me

I am a German middle-aged guy, a husband, father, employee and lover of books. I have practiced and studied the path of the lone practitioner of Western magic for more than twenty years now. I have been working ritually in my own temple for more than thirteen years. The title 'frater' was given to me as part of the Imbolc ritus after ten years of study, practice and tests.

I owe many people and spirits for shaping me, often not giving me what I thought I needed at that time. Among them I want to call out my wife, the best thing that ever happened to me, Agrippa, my first magical teacher, Josephine McCarthy, to me the most magical author of our time and a close friend, my Gestalt Therapy trainers, for teaching me about the value of as well as the fragileness of being human, as well as many spirits, most importantly my HGA and the angels of the Arbatel.