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theomagica can be translated as 'divine magic' (from Greek theos = god and magica = noun use of feminine form of magicus). This page is the front-room of my magical workshop. It's the place where I store things that are done for now. Things that might be of use to others. This place is a living archive of what I studied, found or failed in over the last twenty years or so. 

All material here is for free and for your personal use; it is meant as a place to give back to our community. When I grew up the internet didn't exist. I would have killed (or almost) for genuine reports of practicing magicians who actually had done what they wrote about.

- Frater Acher

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Our experiences are as unique as our DNA or fingerprints. As much as the same real-life experience can never be brought back, it also cannot be passed on to others. Yet, what we can do is point each other to less traveled spots on the map of human experience - from which our own explorations can take off.

With this in mind I am sharing the following essays. They cover a diverse array of theory and practice in our Western Mystery Tradition, all born from my and many other people's  first-hand experiences travelling it. 


"The wisdom and bare truths in these essays never get old, and should be read by every aspiring serious magician."

— Josephine McCarthy |

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The following tool were developed for my personal magical use. They are all based on relatively simple Excel calculations. I am sure there are more sophisticated ways of achieving better results. Having said that, for anybody without a strong affinity to maths they offer essential support in preparing their own rituals and magical work. 

Note: All files were saved on ‘MS Office for MAC’. If you cannot open the file, try ‘Open with’ and select Excel or change the ending to .xls. The password for protected areas in each file is 'FA300'. Also, you will need to install the free 'Hebrew Regular' font.

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