A Study on the Holy Guardian Angel

A Study on the Holy Guardian Angel

An exploration among Ancient cultures


The Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) has become the most commonly referred to spiritual concept in Western Magic. In fact, it has become so common that few practicing magicians actually dare to ask any essential questions about it. Other than how to get in touch with it and achieve 'knowledge and conversation'?

Throughout its history Western Magic has always been a discipline focussed on pragmatism and results like no other. Spending too much time on the 'Why' and the 'How' easily is perceived as a distraction or a blockage to getting on with the work. If this is how you feel at the moment, I'd recommend to jump over into the Circle of Practice section: In 'The Everyday Path to your HGA' you can find extremely pragmatic advise on how to achieve a state of 'knowledge and conversation' with your HGA. You can also download it as a free eBook here.

“There never was a false god, nor was there ever really a false religion, unless you call a child a false man.”
— Max Müller

Now, if you are still with me I assume you are not only interested in pragmatic results, but also in the background of the tradition you are actually working in? Who shaped the ideas of this spiritual principle we are taking for granted today? If HGAs truly exist, how did other cultures experience them and make sense of this phenomena? And - maybe most importantly - what can we learn from these genuine occult traditions of the past about creating actual communion with these spiritual beings?  After all magic didn't start with the Golden Dawn and Holy Guardian Angels were contacted and conversed with long before the times of one Abramelin the mage...

To answer a few of these questions you can find dedicated short studies into the ancient magic of some of our ancestors of the West. In particular you can find explorations into the beliefs and practices of achieving communion with one's HGA amongst the Chaldeans, the Zoroastrians and the Ancient Greek. To begin with, however, I recommend to start with a short, yet Essential Introduction. Here we are looking at the outer as well as inner perspective of the matter and provide necessary context for the cultural studies to follow.

My goal in writing each of these studies was to stay as objective, factual and historically accurate as possible. I deliberately did not validate any of the historic concepts or ideas against my own practical experience of working with my HGA since many years. What matters for these articles is the unbiased, not-personalised glance at how our ancestors made sense of one of the most fascinating subjects in magic.

Finally, let me emphasise that any errors or mistakes you'll encounter in these articles are my own. Each article in itself is limited by (1) the available sources to me as a non-professional scholar as well as (2) my lack of contextual knowledge in ancient studies. Still, I hope to have exclude personal opinions and judgements as much as possible. The goal is to stay with the historic or purported facts only - leaving the practical exploration of the topic to everyone of us as actively working magicians.

To navigate the article chapters just click on the links to the left. You can also download the entire content of this section as a free eBook (PDF or iBook) here. Should you have any comments or questions please get in touch via the Contact form.

May this work be brought to life through personal experience.

Frater Acher

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