An Essential Introduction

I call this the 'everyday path'. It might be the shortest one to achieve knowledge and conversation with your HGA. Yet it might also be the most demanding one. The positive aspect is that in theory it could be achieved in an instant, in literally no time. Because this path is not about who you are inside, but how you behave on the outside everday. The tough aspect is that achieving such behaviour will require most of us to shift and change our entire personalities in no insignificant way. That is why courage has to be the starting point of this path.

Here is the thing: you yourself are the interface through which communion with your HGA will ultimately be achieved or not. Your angel is ready for communion and has been since your birth. So it's not on him that you have to work but on yourself. It's the interface between your angel and the world that has to be refined and that is your personality, or the person you think you are today. Once this is achieved the only maintenance work is to keep this channel clear of anything that could clutter it again.

Many people have asked: What is the actual relationship between my HGA and myself? Well, here is the metaphor I use to illustrate this: Imagine a doctor that has a really difficult disease to cure. The disease is hideen in the body of the patient and as he cannot kill the patient to just cut out the disease the approach has to be subtle yet determined and effective. Thus the doctor choses to insert a fine tube into the body of the patient. Attached to the end of the tube are a camera as well as a min-laser. The recorded images from the body of the patient are sent through the tube to a screen on which the doctor looks while operating. The beginning of this operation was the point of your first incarnation, the end of the operation will be your last. The camera at the end of the tube is yourself, the doctor is your HGA, the patient is the physical plane you are incarnating into.

Now, what do we take from this?

  • First of all, there is no need for the HGA to 'talk' to the camera at the end of the tube. He is in control of it already. Even if they never see each other their 'relationship' is perfectly fine, it just 'works'.
  • Second, the only thing the doctor needs the camera to do is to 'record', to point the laser and to follow the lead he is giving.
  • Third, emotions don't play a role here. It doesn't matter if what the camera records is pleasant or unpleasant according to the subjective perspective of the camera. The only job is to explore the body of the patient to be able to operate on it succesfully.
  • Fourth, if the camera had a conscious of it own and started to act idependently from the lead of the doctor it would mess up the operation big time and for certain: Because the camera has no idea where it is, why it was put there and how deliberate actions to safe something much bigger than herself are acted out through it. 

So what does that tell us about the nature of the process of gaining knowledge and conversation with our HGA? It tells us that there are few operating principles we just have to accept in order to be succesful: 1) It is not a process that is necessary in any way for completion of a succesful operation. Yet, under the right condition it can be benefial to a positive outcome. 2) This condition would be if the quality of the interplay between doctor and camera could actually be increased by giving the camera more consciousness of the process it is involved in. 3) This again means we need to be prepared to listen much more once we are connected to our HGA - and talk much less. It also means the 'True Will' of the camera actually is the will of the doctor. And the camera has to accept that it doesn't have the processing power to understand everything the doctor knows or intends to do. The camera can become a better version of itself, a more sophisticated tool; yet it can never turn into the doctor. That's just the way it is.

Traditonal approaches to achieve this goal such as the Abramelin process are completely fine and a wonderful alternative to the path I will lay out. From the above it is clear that the doctor doesn't really care how the camera turns into a better version of itself - he only cares about how clean the image is it is displaying as well as how finely tuned the reactions of its laser can become to his intent... 

So while approaches such as Abramelin are working well based on my personal experience I am convinced they can be significantly simplified. My own journey took me more than 14 years, was in many ways similar to the Abramelin rite - yet not identical - and it's only looking back that I can connect the dots and see all the detours I took... My goal for this series of articles is to simplify the approach down to a point where we leave away all decorations and additions and get down to business straight away: That is the essential work on the raw stone - or camera for lack of a better metaphor. Because once this is achieved no fancy rituals are necessary to talk to your angel. He is talking to you already. At this point you will just be able to listen to him and observe the process he is working on and through you. And in order to get there fast yet painfully I think I can give some very pragmatic, essential and simple tips. Pain and lots of change, however, will be part of the journey.

So let's get started. I am suggesting five simple phases to pass through. Their sequence might depend slightly on where you are today - feel free to be playful, find out and adjust their order. However, all five steps play a vital role and need to be experienced in depth as part of the full process. Here are the steps to be taken: 

  • Trust - is built by the courage to become visible as what you are today
  • Joy - is experienced by approaching in spirit what you aspire to become
  • Darkness - is essential to dissolve what you have built in desperation
  • Realization - is experienced by fulfilling your true desire in humbleness
  • Readiness - is the state you are in once you have become free of yourself

On the following pages I will describe each phase in detail. In plain language that is. This is not the place nor time to hide actual important work behind the veils of alchemical images or to surround them by thick clouds of incense. If you want to play, play. If you want to achieve knowledge and conversation with your HGA be prepared to work. That is raw, pure, essential work - stripped off any romanticism, mysticism or lodge affairs. Your angel is a raw, pure, essential reality - simply on a different realm. So let's mirror this in our work: walking this path is not about our personal dreams, desires or preferences, it is about the work that has to be done. Nothing else. And that is to make your personality as open and permeable for the voice of your angel as it needs to be. As it needs to be for your angel to talk through you in a better and more meaningful way.

Because this work will include a lot of letting-go, a lot of tears for sure and teeth gnaching as well and many losses of what you thought you are or needed for sure - it is essential to start this journey in a moment of joy. Joy is just the second step on the journey - let's do some teeth gnaching first - but to me it is the most important point of all. A joyful place is waiting for you. And to get there the first step is to trust it actually exists. 


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One more note before we start: As a guardian of this work I have chosen an image of a statue of the Greek-Egyptian Agathos Daimon in his serpent form. The direct translation of his name is 'noble spirit' (as opposed to the Kakodaimon, the 'evil spirit'). The Agathos Daimon is one of the earliest version of cult images of a personal spirit companion.

Thus it is wonderful iconic evidence of the ancient tradition we are continuing in this work. And while the practices of the Greeks and Romans to create communion with their Agathos Daimon might have looked slightly different their essential goal was the same: to spiritualize the matter of humans so they can become better agents in materializing spirit.  


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